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Whoodle Temperament


Whoodles are playful, intelligent, loyal, and affectionate. They are fun-loving, but also easy to train and caring. They love to learn. Whoodles have a soft, non-shed, hypoallergenic coat.


Click on the pic of Ginger to see more about her, and some of her past pups.

Ginger & Captain

F1 Whoodles

Should Mature between 30-50 pounds

Born February 19, 2021

Ready Now!

Available Puppies:

Mr. Toby

​$2,400 each

Waiting List

1. Herb (Elsa)

2. Beth (Biscuit)

3. Vanessa (Cookie)

4. Jane (Pepper)

5. Colleen (Bea)

6. Catherine (Jasmine)

7. Mary (Pal)

8. Sarah (Hershey)


It looks like the litter will be varying shades of chocolate. We will try to update with pictures of one of the lighter puppies and one of the darker puppies to show if and how much they lighten in the first little while. They do seem to be lighter in color than when they were born.





Cookie Ms Silver.jpeg
Hershey Ms PinkWhite.jpeg
Elsa Ms Red.jpeg
Bea Ms Yellow.jpeg
Jasmine Ms LightPink.jpeg


Toby Mr LightBlue.jpeg
Biscuit Mr BlackBlue.jpeg
Pal Mr Orange.jpeg
Pepper Mr Green.jpeg

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