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Sonya & Bear
Sheepadoodle Litter


Born September 10, 2023

Free Delivery to Mesa

All Puppies in this litter are Reserved



Reserved for Ariel

6 pounds

Talia is curious. She loves attention and cuddles. She is happy and affectionate, as well as calm and gentle.


Reserved for Patrick

6.5 pounds

Gabe is a good mix of playful and calm. He is curious and loves attention. He is a sweet, confident, and loving boy.


Reserved for Jose

5.3 pounds

Willy is playful, curious, and confident. He loves to play and loves attention and cuddles. He is affectionate.


Reserved for Keith

5.8 pounds

Missy loves attention and loves to play with you. She likes cuddles and is affectionate. She is playful, curious, and confident.


Reserved for Terra

5.8 pounds

Beck is calm and laid back. He is happy sitting at your side. Beck is affectionate and very sweet.

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