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Sonya & Bear
F1 Sheepadoodle Litter

Sonya & Bear Waiting List
Litter Born February 24, 2023

Free Delivery to Payson


Petals (Girl) - Available

Bud (Boy) - Available

Orchid - Jamas

Bloom - Kathy

Buttercup - Priscilla

Ren - Priscilla

Poppy - Valorie

Clem - Jamie

Cosmo - Rick



4 pounds; 5 ounces

Petals is playful and curious. She loves to play with you and likes attention.


5 pounds; 14 ounces

Bud is very calm. He's chill and content. Bud likes to cuddle.

No Longer Available


5 pounds; 11 ounces

Cosmo is confident, content, and happy. He is curious, but also loves to be with you. He loves attention and is sweet and caring.


3 pounds; 14 ounces

Buttercup loves to please her people! She loves attention and cuddles. She's gentle and sweet, and a good mix of playful and calm.


3 pounds; 12 ounces

Orchid is very playful and curious. She's content and confident. She is happy and wags her tail. She loves attention, cuddles, and playtime with her people! She can also be calm.


3 pounds

Poppy is confident and playful. She loves cuddles and attention. She is very active and is a tail wagger.


4 pounds; 3 ounces

Bloom loves cuddles and attention. She loves to be near you and in your lap. She is curious, calm, and also playful.


4 pounds; 7 ounces

Clem has one blue eye, and one green eye. This is often considered lucky! He is very playful and curious. He loves attention and loves to play with you. He is both energetic and has a happy nature.


6 pounds; 7 ounces

Ren is incredibly sweet and gentle. He loves to play with you. He loves attention and cuddles and is easy going.

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