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Waiting List & Choosing Your Puppy

Once you place your non-refundable deposit, you will be added to the waiting list of your choice. Puppies are chosen in the order that deposits were received. The deposit (minus PayPal fees) will go toward final purchase price. We will post pictures of the litter at about 2-3 weeks, after they open their eyes. We post individual pictures at about 6 weeks.

You will get to choose your puppy once we post their 6 week pictures in the order that we received your deposit. You will choose your puppy based on pictures, a group video, and personality descriptions. We are also available to answer questions about their individual personalities when their personalities start to become more apparent at about 6 weeks.


We don't allow people to meet the parents or to meet the puppies before 8 weeks in order to protect the puppies from Parvo and unseen, contagious parasites. Because we take good care of them, and are very careful, our puppies are very healthy. After 8 weeks their immune systems are more developed, and they are ready to meet and go home with their families.


Bringing Your Puppy Home

Puppies are ready for their new homes at 8 weeks, and after their visit to the vet.

Final payment is due when you pick up your puppy. We accept cash, credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay (through Square).  A transaction fee will be added if you choose a non-cash payment method.

Puppies will have had a vet exam and their first shots and dewormer. They come with a 1 year health guarantee, their shot and dewormer record, a small supply of puppy food to mix in with your puppy food, a collar, and a scent cloth.

We usually try to schedule meeting times with everyone about a week in advance. We will pick a day and a location to meet, and everyone will have a time slot 10 minutes apart. In the cooler months, we drive down to Mesa to meet everyone, but we can also meet in Payson, Arizona. In the warmer months, we drive to Payson to meet. If you can't meet us at our planned delivery, or if it is easier for you, we can also meet you with your puppy in Heber or Show Low, once he or she is 8 weeks old.


Shots & Dewormer

Your puppy will have his or her first round of shots at 8 weeks. You will be responsible for the next round of shots, due when your puppy is 12 weeks old. Make sure to bring your puppy's shot record from us with you to the vet.


We administer dewormer every 2 weeks as a preventative while they are with us. You will be responsible to administer dewormer shortly after you bring your puppy home at 8 weeks, then again at 10 weeks, 12 weeks, then every month until 6 months old. After that, follow adult recommendations. We recommend Safe-Guard or Panacur dewormer, which can be purchased at your local pet supply, big box store, online, or through your vet.

Taking Care of Your Puppy at Home

We feed the puppies at about 8 am and 4 pm. We offer about 1 cup of dry dog food per feeding. We suggest offering your puppy about 10% more than the bag recommends for their age and weight, and feeding Puppy Food until your puppy is 18 months old, at which point they finish growing and filling out.

Some good things to have when you bring your puppy home are: a leash, grooming brush, dog shampoo, chew toys, dog crate for house training, dog bowls, puppy food, and dewormer.

We will send your puppy with a scent cloth, which has the scent of the litter on it. You can place it near your puppy when they are stressed, we recommend placing it just outside of the crate at night. You will probably only need this for the first few days. Alternatively, you may rub the scent cloth on a toy, to transfer the scent.

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