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Puppy Socialization

Socialization and Environment

From the time the puppies are born, the mother keeps the puppies close and nurtures her puppies. In those first weeks, Mother is their best caregiver, and during this early period a love bond is formed between mother and babies. This early phase strengthens the natural bond between mother and babies and ensures that she will do her best to properly care for them. During this time, we keep a close eye on them to ensure Mother is able to provide the love and care they need.


After mother and puppies have formed a strong bond, and the puppies have a good start in life, we start introducing more human socialization and environmental variabilities. Some of the things we do to help the puppies in their growth and development are:

We play with and cuddle them, have them walk on at least 4-5 different surfaces, expose them to different people of various ages, expose them to different environments, expose them to various sounds and voices, use various objects for them to climb in, on, and over providing challenges so that they can gain confidence. We also gently lay them on their backs as part of the process of natural dogmanship to teach them to submit to people. This process is calm and very gentle on the puppy. We highly recommend implementing natural dogmanship techniques for all of our puppy families, as this - along with obedience training, ensures the happiest, most balanced dog possible. Many of our puppies have gone on to be trained as excellent service and therapy dogs.

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