1 Year Health Guarantee

Guarantee is valid until the puppy turns 1 year of age. This guarantee is non-transferrable.


Seller guarantees the puppy against a genetic defect which causes blindness, crippling, or sudden death of which is a non-treatable condition. A letter must come from the examining Veterinarian stating his/her findings and diagnosis. If the above condition should occur you will be given another puppy of similar value, or a refund of the original purchase price, according to seller discretion. We are not responsible for any vet bills.


Although the puppy has been vaccinated and dewormed. We do not make any guarantees regarding vaccinations or illnesses which could be prevented by them, due to their unpredictable nature. Nor do we make any guarantees regarding worms or parasites, as they are very common among all dogs, everywhere.

Purchaser agrees not to breed this dog, and to spay or neuter between 6-8 months of age.


If the dog becomes obese, or the buyer doesn't keep current on deworming and vaccinations, or does not spay or neuter by 8 months of age, this guarantee becomes void. Seller is not responsible for any puppy death due to dehydration, or any other illness that could have been prevented by the purchaser.